Undergraduate Research and Creative Work

The types of projects undertaken vary by discipline as does the manner in which a student identifies a research project. In some disciplines, students identify a topic of their own interest for research or creative work, and they work independently to complete the project. Faculty mentors guide these students and help them gain access to materials needed for research. In other disciplines, faculty members have openings for defined projects. Students will select a faculty mentor based on the types of projects available. OURI provides events, workshops, and online resources for you to gather information about the types of research and creative work experiences available to Rice students.


We start each fall with Discovery Day! Rice student researchers tell you about their research in quick 2-minute Lightning Talks! In the afternoon, the Discover Research Fair connects students to departments and programs interested in hosting undergraduate research students.

We also host a spring Summer Research and Opportunities Fair to connect students to summer opportunities at Rice, in Houston, and across the U.S.

We close the year with Inquiry Week, which celebrates the accomplishments of student researchers. Attend events during this week and talk to student presenters to learn more about the range of projects students have completed.


OURI workshops in the fall are available to help you get ready for a research experience. We will guide you through the process of identifying potential research areas that match your interests and help you make the initial contact with faculty members and mentors for your research.


Want to meet with Peer Research Ambassadors or OURI staff for questions? Check out our peer research ambassadors office hours or email us.

Online Resources

Check out research profiles of Rice undergraduate researchers online to become familiar with the paths that students take to engage in research and creative work.

You can also learn more about research in your field by exploring the faculty research descriptions on Rice departmental pages. Many of these faculty mentor undergraduate researchers completing projects in these areas. Research Centers and Institutes on campus also may have opportunities for undergraduates to get involved.