Student Learning Outcomes

The focus on facets of inquiry is directly seen in the student learning outcomes. Through their courses at Rice, students gain, reinforce, and apply the skills of each facet. These outcomes also provide students a map of opportunities in inquiry-based learning and research. A commitment to excellence in inquiry pedagogy requires measurements of student growth in these skills so that the pathways that prepare students can be evaluated and modified to ensure that our students meet the needs of invention, critical thinking, and communication in their professional careers.

Generate questions/aims/hypotheses based on experience, expertise and literature.

Collect and record information/ data from self-selected sources, choosing or devising an appropriate methodology with self-structured guidelines.

Evaluate information/data and inquiry process rigorously using self-generated criteria based on experience, expertise and the literature.

Analyze and synthesize information/data to generalize or abstract knowledge that addresses self-or-group-identified gaps in understanding.

Use appropriate language and written, oral, and/or visual genres to communicate the knowledge to diverse audiences.