Student Research Profiles

Rice undergraduates perform research and creative work in many different fields. In the following research profiles, students share how Rice courses prepared them for these experiences, how they got started in research, memorable moments, and research impacts.

Image of person standing in front of green leafed bushed
Jay Bethea

History, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, Classical Studies, & Business (Minor)

sarah bradford
Sarah Bradford


Akin Bruce headshot
Akin Bruce


Yvonne Carrillo headshot
Yvonne Carrillo


Image of person with wild flowers and trees in background
Katherine Chen


Sharon Cho headshot
Sharon Cho


Luis Clague headshot
Luis Clague

Computer Science

Photo of Nancy Cui
Yufei (Nancy) Cui


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Xavier Elizondo

Philosophy and Computer Science

Elise Erickson posing in a grand hallway
Elise Erickson

Social Policy Analysis, Economics, Global Health Technologies (minor)

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Aman Eujayl

Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Shawn
Shawn Fan


Gennifer Geer headshot
Gennifer Geer

History and Asian Studies

Jed Greenberg headshot
Jed Greenberg

Political Science

Steffi Halow headshot
Steffi Halow


Albert Han  headshot
Albert Han


Rae Holcomb headshot
Rae Holcomb

Physics and Astronomy

Allison Jaffe photo
Allison Jaffe


Photo of Cole
Cole Lambo

Asian Studies

Takuma Makihara headshot
Takuma Makihara

Physics & Astronomy

Summar McGee photo
Summar McGee

Sociology and Religion

Photo Eli
Eli Mendoza


Photo headshot of student
Aditi Patel

Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Gigi Rill headshot
Gigi Rill

Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Arya Shetty
Arya Shetty


Image of person in front of white wall
Anika Sonig

Cognitive Science

Image of person standing in front of white wall
Nyla Vela

Ambassador Student Director

Photo of, Lily Wieland
Lily Wieland

Philosophy & Medical Humanities

Felix Wu headshot
Felix Wu


Madison Zhao
Madison Zhao

Neuroscience, Visual Arts, Medical Humanities (minor)