Peer Research Ambassadors

Meet the OURI Peer Research Ambassadors

Peer Research Ambassadors are Rice students who have engaged in research, design, and creative work during their undergraduate careers and want to help other students get involved. Ambassadors host office hours and attend OURI workshops and events in order to share information specific to their academic schools. They also serve as an advisory board, providing feedback to OURI staff on how to improve outreach efforts.

Office Hours for Peer Research Ambassadors:

Office Hours will resume in Fall 2022.

Ambassadors will not be available for meetings over the summer months. If you are have questions about undergraduate research, please email

Check out the Peer Research Ambassador FAQs about setting yourself up for success for your first research experience!

Advice from past Peer Research Ambassadors:

Image of person standing in front of green leafed bushed
Jay Bethea

History, Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations, Classical Studies, & Business (Minor)

Image of person with wild flowers and trees in background
Katherine Chen


Headshot of student
Aman Eujayl

Mechanical Engineering

Photo Eli
Eli Mendoza


Photo headshot of student
Aditi Patel

Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Image of person in front of white wall
Anika Sonig

Cognitive Science

Image of person standing in front of white wall
Nyla Vela

Ambassador Student Director

Photo of, Lily Wieland
Lily Wieland

Philosophy & Medical Humanities