Promoting Your Opportunity

Promote your opportunity in-person or online with OURI's events and access to Handshake.

Handshake is a student-focused platform for various academic and professional opportunities. Aside from internship and job opportunities, Handshake also contains postings for various research positions on and off-campus. In addition to offering professional opportunities available nationwide, the site allows users to filter opportunities only open to Rice students.

By posting your research opportunity on Handshake, you are helping to create a more accessible and equitable research position search process.

Interested in posting an opportunity arranged or sponsored by Rice University? Follow the Handshake posting guide below:

Current Rice Faculty and Staff can email for a link to a streamlined registration process.

Setting up your Handshake Employer Account

  1. Register for Handshake as an employer using the following link: Handshake Employer Registration. The following page should appear:Handshake registration link
  2. Fill in your employer information using your Rice email address and a password.
  3. After clicking "Sign Up," the following page appears:Types of students recruitedSelect the majors of students that you would be interested in recruiting. You may also identify your alma mater. Note that you must select at least one category before continuing but students whose majors are not selected may also view your posting.
  4. In the page shown below, read through Handshake's employer guidelines and indicate that you are not a third-party recruiter. Then click on the "Next: Confirm Email" button to continue your registration.Handshake employer guidelines
  5. You should receive a confirmation email from Handshake within 10 minutes. Please check your inbox and spam folders and if the email does not arrive, contact Rice IT to ensure that you eventually receive the email. This confirmation email is crucial to logging into Handshake.Handshake confirmation email page
  6. Once your email has been confirmed, Handshake prompts employers to connect with schools, as seen below:Employer school selection Since we are already connected with Rice University, you will not need to specify any other schools. Click on the "Next: Finish" button to continue.

Posting an On-Campus Research Position on Handshake

  1. Once you have created your Handshake employer account, you may sign in to Handshake to post your position using the following link: Handshake Log-in
  2. Click on Post a Job, as seen below: Post a Job button
  3. Create a Job Title. Be specific (i.e. Undergraduate Research Assistantship - Data Entry). This is helpful for students and allows Handshake to correctly identify job roles. Job title
  4. Select a Job Type, please choose “On Campus Student Employment" for both paid and unpaid opportunities. Job type
  5. Choose Job Roles. Handshake will automatically designate roles based on your description, but make sure University Student Researcher is selected so students can filter appropriately.
  6. Save!

For more detailed information, please refer to the Handshake Student Research Position Posting Guide.

Promoting Your Position In-Person

Additionally, OURI sponsors two fairs (one each semester) for departments and campus partners to advertise positions in person.

The Discover Research Fair early in the fall semester is geared towards engaging the interests of undergraduate students in research topics pursued at the university.

The Summer Research and Opportunities Fair in early spring allows students to explore summer research and other opportunities at Rice or in the Houston area.