OURI Student Workshops

OURI offers workshops to engage and support students in research and creative projects.

Check out events listing for upcoming offerings of these workshops.

Research 101

Ever wonder what research looks like in your field? Learn about research in various disciplines from a panel of Peer Research Ambassadors. Undergraduate students with research or creative project experience will discuss how they identified their interests and started their work. In addition, they will describe their typical routines to give you an idea of what research and creative work looks like in various disciplines. We will also highlight resources available to help students begin searching for opportunities.

Research 102

Curious about how to find opportunities based on your interests? Watch a series of brief research talks to learn more about what undergraduate researchers are doing at Rice for inspiration and then map out the right next steps for you. Peer Research Ambassadors will coach participants on how to take the first steps in identifying areas of interest and potential research mentors.

Contacting faculty about research opportunities

Whether you are responding to a posted position or contacting faculty about potential opportunities, the initial email can make the right first impression. Join us for a workshop-style session on contacting faculty to serve as mentors for research and creative projects.

Leveraging your research experience for fellowships and applications

Research mentors, fellowship advisors, and career counselors will help you think about how the skills you gained in research can be leveraged to make you stand out in a pool of applicants for fellowships, summer research positions, and other opportunities.

Research Ethics

Ethics governs the responsible conduct of research. Not only does this protect rights and welfare of research subjects, but it also contributes to integrity and validy of research outcomes. This workshop addresses procedures and policies for ethical research conduct.

Exploring Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program and Distinction in Research and Creative Work

For students who plan to engage in sustained research and creative projects, this workshop explores the application process for the Rice Undergraduate Scholars Program and the university award for Distinction in Research and Creative Work.

Abstract Writing for RURS

The Center for Academic and Professional Communication and OURI join up to help students prepare abstracts for the Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium. Get detailed information about submission guidelines and help organizing the information about your research in a succint format.

Poster Design for RURS

Poster design can be a challenge because of the limited space to display your research. This workshop helps you develop a poster that makes your work accessible and helps you prepare for the poster presentation.

Presenting at RURS

The Center for Academic and Professional Communication consultants are trained in academic communication of research using oral and visual presentations. Schedule an appointment to get feedback on your slide design and presentation preparation.