What is RURS?

RURS is a yearly research symposium hosted on campus. RURS is open to undergraduates in all disciplines who would like to present research, design, or creative work produced on or off campus. Participants present their research via poster or oral presentation and receive feedback from faculty, community leaders, and graduate students.

Who can participate in RURS?

RURS is open to any undergraduate who would like to present research. The research can be in any major in one of the following disciplines: Engineering, Humanities, Natural Sciences, or Social Sciences. For more information visit the Presentation Guidelines and Workshops page.

Why should I participate in RURS?

RURS is an opportunity to gain valuable experience in presenting your research and learning how to communicate your interests to a range of audiences. You will also receive feedback on your research and presentation from faculty, community leaders, and graduate students. This is especially an amazing opportunity for students to share all of their hard work to broader audiences.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by going to our Registration page before March 12, 2023 at 11:59 PM. You will be asked to submit a project title, abstract, and contact information for your research mentor.

Can I present research conducted with a faculty member from an outside university?

Yes, as long as the research was conducted sometime between May of the previous year and this April.

Are there dimension requirements for my poster?

Yes, your poster, including any borders, attachments, or other associated elements, may not be larger than 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

My research is in humanities and does not make sense as a poster presentation. Can I still participate in RURS?

Yes, you can! RURS offers a workshop to help students transform their Humanities research into a poster format. Find more information on our Presentation Guidelines and Workshops page.

My research is in the early stages. Can I still participate?

Absolutely. For early stage research projects we recommend presenters enter as a "non-competitive" entrant. Presenting at RURS is a valuable way to practice your research communication skills, receive helpful feedback from judges and attendees about your ongoing work, and connect with the broader community of undergraduate researchers at Rice.

I don’t know how to begin my abstract. Who can I speak to for help?

We offer abstract and poster workshops leading up to the symposium. Please visit the Presentation Guidelines and Workshops page for more information on dates and time.

Will I automatically be accepted to participate in RURS?

Space is limited. The Grand Hall can only fit about 100 posters per session. You will be accepted as long as space allows and your research mentor approves your abstract or if your exhibition registration abstract represents original research, design or creative work. Once you submit, your mentor will receive an email asking them to approve the abstract (poster session only). Please consult your mentor in advance of the abstract deadline to ensure that it will be accepted.

Why does my mentor need to approve the abstract in order for me to participate?

Since the abstracts will be published, it is important that your mentor is aware of the content and that unpublished results are not disseminated prematurely. Please consult your mentor in advance to ensure that your abstract will be accepted.

Can I revise my abstract after submission? What if there have been major developments in my research?

You will not be able to revise your abstract after submission. You should, however, present your most current results at the symposium.

Can I submit two or more research projects?

You can submit two projects only if one is an individual project and one is a group project. You may not submit more than one individual project.

Can I invite family, friends, or other faculty to RURS?

Yes! The more the merrier. The virtual event will be made public. Participants can share the event URL with family, friends, and mentors.

What should I wear to RURS?

You should dress in business casual but do not feel like you need to buy something new! Wear something nice you already have in your closet.

I’m a Rice student who isn’t presenting at RURS. Should I attend the symposium?

Yes! RURS is a great chance to see and learn about different research opportunities available on campus while supporting your friends, and celebrating the achievements of your peers.