Presentation Guidelines and Workshops

Information about Poster Presentations

The poster presentation is traditionally used by engineers, natural scientists, and some social scientists. Each poster will be critiqued by judges comprised of faculty, community leaders, and graduate students.

  • Poster presentations, will be in the Grand Hall, inside the RMC.
  • Each poster will be critiqued by a panel of judges comprised of peer judges, faculty, community leaders, and graduate students.
  • Judges will use a rubric to evaluate presentations.
  • The poster, including any borders, attachments, or other associated elements, may not be larger than 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.
  • Posters can be printed at MUDD BUILDING LAB or at the DIGITAL MEDIA COMMONS (Fondren basement, B42).
  • Both of these printing locations will get quite busy in the days leading up to RURS. Make sure to leave plenty of time to print your poster. Presenters are responsible for all printing costs.
  • Please check back often to get some specific preparation dates and times regarding poster presentations as the date approaches.
  • Throughout the year, DMC has workshops on academic poster making and online resources here.

    Poster Presentation Resources

    Presentation Preparation Workshops

    To help all of our participants give their best possible presentations, we've prepared a number of resources. Please reference our brief guides about poster presentations. Additionally, we are providing the following workshop sessions for participants to learn more about creating presentation materials, and effective communication strategies for research presentations.





    Thurs. 3/9

    How to Write an Abstract

    6 - 7 pm

    on Zoom.

    Owl Nest RSVP, here.

    Need to write an abstract for RURS but not sure where to begin? Join the Program in Writing and Communication (PWC) for an interactive workshop that will help you get started. You’ll leave with a stronger understanding of the abstract genre and an early draft. .

    Registration closes 3/12

    Wed. 3/22

    Shapiro Showcase Workshop

    6 - 7 pm

    SEW 303

    Owl Nest RSVP, here.

    Join us for a workshop that will prepare you for your Shapiro Showcase presentation at the Rice Undergraduate Research Symposium (RURS). The workshop will include a discussion on choosing and organizing content for a 10-minute presentation. We’ll also review best practices for visual and oral communication.

    Mon. 4/3

    Poster Session Workshop for STEM

    6 - 7 pm

    HUMA 328

    Owl Nest RSVP, here.

    The Poster Session at RURS showcases important research at Rice, so make sure your communication skills match the excellence of your content! Join us to discuss poster design, including content, organization, and style.

    Wed. 4/5

    Poster Session Workshop for Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

    6 - 7 pm


    Owl Nest RSVP, here.

    This year, RURS would like to showcase more posters from humanities students. If you’ve never made a poster before, great! Join us to discuss poster design, including content, organization, and style. We’ll help you brainstorm how to turn your research into a successful poster.

    The Center for Academic and Professional Communication (CAPC) offers many resources including consultations and workshops that can support your preparation and success at RURS. Be sure to connect with CAPC as you prepare for the event.