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Current research project: gene activation using split dCas9, electrochemical protein detection using a gold nanoparticle and magnetic bead complex, and analyzing the potential role of sex in differentiating results between Endovascular Treatment (EVT) and non-EVT cases

Come see Camille about...

getting started in research. 

applying for credit. 

bioengineering x biology x art research topics. 

managing time. 

transitioning away from a lab. 

working in the TMC.

Advice from Camille
"When it comes to research I think it’s important to have balance. There are many topics and only so much time, so thinking through your interests and exploring require equal consideration. We as PRAs are here to assist you in achieving that balance—whether it’s in trying a multitude of topics, narrowing your interests, and ultimately making an informed decision."

Research Areas

Genomics, Engineering, Clinical research, Health Disparities, Art Independent Studies