Hannah Li in nature
Current research project: Discovery of biosensors in the human gut @ Tabor Lab (Rice), Characterizing metabolic mechanisms behind tumor-associated microbiota @ Colbert Lab (MD Anderson)

Come see Hannah about...

drafting emails to professors.

building mentor relationships.

finding off-campus research opportunities.

science communication opportunities. 

Advice from Hannah
"When starting research for the first time, don't worry too much if your exact interest doesn't seem to align with what you are working on. Rather focus on absorbing the most from your current research (technical skills, knowledge about the field, communication abilities)! With consistent time and effort in the lab, you'll naturally find and refine your interests, or even discover a new passion."

Research Areas

Understanding and engineering the human gut microbiome for disease diagnostics and treatment, creative work around campus (mural painting/illustrating), and working with the amazing artists here at Rice and in Houston.