Teaching Award for Excellence in Inquiry-Based Learning

To bring attention to the efforts across campus to scaffold inquiry and research into the curriculum, this award recognizes faculty who demonstrate excellence in the use of inquiry-based learning pedagogies in undergraduate teaching. Evaluation will consider innovation and risk-taking, implementation of research-based practices, student evaluations and comments, and a peer nomination letter.

One award will be given at the end of each academic year. All faculty will be eligible for this award. For each $3,000 award, $1,500 will be a cash award directly to the faculty member; the remaining $1,500 will be transferred to a U fund of the winner’s preference for use in enhancing inquiry-based learning.

The Faculty Advisory Board for the Office of Inquiry-Based Learning will determine the winner. Deadline for nominations for 2020 is March 8. The deadline for completed materials to be submitted is March 22, 2020.

Faculty can nominate one faculty member by completing the following form. The Office of Inquiry-Based Learning will contact the nominee to request a c.v. and a one-page description of how they have employed inquiry-based learning in courses in the previous two academic years. The description should cite specific examples and their impact on student learning. Awardee must be willing to participate in an interview and to secure permission to film/photograph classroom activities, discussions, or labs to highlight the awardee’s activities on ibl.rice.edu.

Nominations are now closed