Yoshihiro Komatsu headshot

WEBSITE(S)| https://med.uth.edu/pediatrics/faculty/yoshihiro-komatsu-ph-d/

Student Project Titles List

Appropriate balance of bone morphogenetic protein signaling is essential for keratinocyte differentiation in skin development

Research Areas

Our research interests are in the genetic and molecular mechanisms that orchestrate embryonic development. Our lab focuses on two fields: ciliopathies and craniofacial skeletal defects. We found that bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) signaling regulates the transient formation of cilia at the node, the critical component required to establish the left-right asymmetry. We also found that augmentation of BMP signaling altered the skeletogenic cell fate in neural crest cells that leads to skull shape abnormalities. Our study will identify the previously uncharacterized molecular mechanisms that will allow for the development of new therapeutic directions for birth defects and craniofacial bone-related treatment.