Uriah Kriegel

WEBSITE(S)| UriahKriegel.com

SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: Guiding a student through all the stages of creation of a research article in the humanities (with focus on interdisciplinary connections between philosophy and science, art, and history), from conception to final editing: identifying and formulating clearly a manageable-size thesis, contextualizing it in the dialectically most profitable way, leveraging bibliographic resources to identify leading alternatives in the extant literature, reading and analyzing key foils, devising the arguments that would form the centerpiece of the article, executing the writing process in a self-disciplined way based on concrete writing habits, rereading and copyediting, seeking opportunities for input from peers (e.g., knowing where to find student conferences in which to present drafts), and revising in light of input.

Required qualifications: none

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I.

Research Areas

My official research area is the philosophy of mind, but I am interested in virtually all the perennial problems of philosophy, as well as the history of tackling them. Currently I am focused on three main projects. The first concerns the value of consciousness: what epistemic, ethical, and aesthetic value might our conscious experience have, and why? The second concerns the nature of moral awareness: are the most foundational forms of moral awareness emotional, rational, both, or neither - and what difference does that make to our grasp of right and wrong? My third main project is in fundamental ontology: what ontological categories do the basic units of reality - "the alphabet of being" - belong to, and how can we tell?