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EBIO 306

Student Project Titles List

Spatial integral projection models predict slow and steady encroachment of creosotebush

Effect of Competition and Heat on Grasses and their Fungal Mutualists

Epichloe Endophytes Confer Resistance to Drought, Competition, and Herbivory in Their Cool Season Grass Hosts: A Meta-analysis

Plant-Soil Feedback Between Soil Microbes and Dioecious Grasses

Research Areas

Research in my lab addresses fundamental questions regarding population dynamics and the population-level consequences of inter-specific interactions, mostly in plant and insect systems. My work spans population, community, and evolutionary ecology, including the spread of biological invasions, the dynamics of consumer-resource and host-symbiont interactions, and the evolution of life histories. population dynamics and the population-level consequences of inter-specific interactionsMy interests are broad but united by an emphasis on demography and demographic structure. Most natural populations are demographically heterogeneous – some individuals are small, some are large; some are young, some are old; some are female, some are male, etc. – and individuals in these different categories can have very different vital rates. This simple observation is central to the study of population dynamics and can also be a critical ingredient of spatial processes, inter-specific interactions, and community dynamics, as ecologists are just beginning to understand.