Steven Lewis

SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: The China Studies Program at the Baker Institute, and the Department of Transnational Asian Studies, is looking for a summer research assistant to help a senior scholar, Steven Lewis, to study the relationship between political propaganda and consumer advertising in East Asian public spaces, 1998 to 2022. In addition to reading and summarizing academic literature from media studies, political science and Asian Studies, the assistant will themselves transcribe and translate advertisements from subways in Chinese, Japanese and Korean cities over the last 20 years, and work with the senior scholar to write a policy brief potentially published on the Baker Institute website. No background in social science or humanities research is required, but student must be able to read, transcribe and basically translate Chinese OR Korean OR Japanese. Student will also summarize policy issues related to China and East Asia to assist the researcher in meeting with US and foreign government officials.

Potential skills gained: Policy analysis, content analysis, Asian language translation, transcription and coding for content analysis

Required qualifications: Student MUST be able to read, transcribe and basically translate Chinese OR Korean OR Japanese (listening and speaking comprehension is not sufficient).

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I., Other Research Associate

Research Areas

Growth of a transnational Chinese middle class; the influence of advertisements in new public spaces in Chinese cities; the development of privatization experiments in China’s localities; and the reform of China’s energy policies, national oil companies and international energy relations.