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KINE 495

Student Project Titles List

Rehabilitation Robotic Unloading System: Effects of Unloading on Electromyography and Joint Kinematics during Overground Walking in Able-Bodied Individuals

Research Areas

Dr. Chang’s research focuses in neuromuscular plasticity and underlying mechanisms and the involvement of cortical and spinal circuitry in dynamic balance control, especially in maintaining balance or regaining balance from unexpected perturbation. He is practically interested in the developing effective intervention that can exercise paralyzed or weak muscle and facilitate neuroplasticity at spinal or/and cortical level. He has successfully obtained pilot funds (PI) to investigate the effects of mechanical oscillation on spinal and cortical excitability and identify biomarker that may modulate the excitability following stroke. He has also received pilot funds (Co-I) to investigate the effects of lower limb exoskeleton locomotion training on gait in patients with spinal cord injuries. In addition, he has established collaboration with researchers from TWU and UH in several funded motor control studies.