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EBIO 306/404

Student Project Titles List

Experimental Evidence for Immigrant Inviability among Host-Associated Populations of the Gall Wasp (Belonocnema treatae)

Testing the parallel divergence of gall size between two host plants across multiple cynipid gall wasp species

Investigating the eco-evolutionary dynamic between host-plant-associated variation in gall morphology and its associated natural enemy community

A test of dispersal polymorphism facilitating reproductive isolation in the incipient stages of speciation

Reduced Immigrant Fecundity Promotes Reproductive Isolation Between Host Associated Populations of the Gall Wasp Belonocnema treatae

Rapid Adaptation of Wing Morphology in Texas Populations of Red-shouldered Soapberry Bug Jadera haematoloma

Measuring the role of geography and ecology on the hyper-diverse natural enemy community associated with the gall wasp Disholcaspis quercusvirens

Characterizing the Natural Enemy Communities Associated with Two Hosts Across Two Environments

Characterizing the Natural Enemy Community of the Gall Midge Arnoldiola atra (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) in Florida

Divergence of Reproductive Strategy Between Host-Associated Populations of a Gall-Forming Insect

Reproductive Strategy Divergence Between Host-Associated Species of Gall-Forming Insect

Research Areas

am interested in the processes that promote or constrain the evolution of new biological species. This includes (1) understanding the role of adaptation via natural selection in the speciation process and (2) exploring the genomic architecture associated with and mediating the evolution of new species. This work integrates natural history, manipulative field experiments, behavioral observations, population genetics, and genomics.