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Mentored presenters may have participated in these courses

PSYC 340

Student Project Titles List

The Influence of Political Priming on the Socio-Political Beliefs of Rice Students

Culture and Campus Health Resources

Student Athlete Stereotype Intervention

Will Pizza Save Your Meeting?

Acknowledging Impostor Phenomenon: How Does It Affect an Individual's Likeability?

Priming Effects on Situational Evaluations of Binge Drinking

Stereotypes Across Party Lines: The Effects of Political Attitudes on Perceived Party Membership

Homesickness and Help-Seeking Behavior: Exploring the Impact of Social Stigma

Self-Efficacy and Video Games: Translating Confidence Across Subjects

Analyzing Student Choices between Experiential and Material Purchases

Research Areas

Information Management in Decision-Making Groups (Information Pooling, Cognitive Centrality and Social Influence, Transactive Memory), Social Identities (Management of Threats to Social Identities, In-Group Competition and In-Group Threats, Intragroup and Intergroup Information Management, Cognitive Centrality and Group Identity)