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Mentored presenters may have participated in these courses

PSYC 340

Student Project Titles List

The Influence of Political Priming on the Socio-Political Beliefs of Rice Students

Culture and Campus Health Resources

Student Athlete Stereotype Intervention

Will Pizza Save Your Meeting?

Acknowledging Impostor Phenomenon: How Does It Affect an Individual's Likeability?

Priming Effects on Situational Evaluations of Binge Drinking

Stereotypes Across Party Lines: The Effects of Political Attitudes on Perceived Party Membership

Homesickness and Help-Seeking Behavior: Exploring the Impact of Social Stigma

Self-Efficacy and Video Games: Translating Confidence Across Subjects

Analyzing Student Choices between Experiential and Material Purchases

Student Biases Against International Professors: How Does Rice Compare?

Priming and Privilege: The Effect of Priming on Awareness of Racial Privilege

The Effects of Gender on Perceptions of Social Anxiety

Effect of Feedback on Group Performance on Attention Task

"To punish or to assist? Divergent reactions to ingroup and outgroup members disobeying social distancing" Replication Study

Going Green to be Seen: The Effect of Status and the Public Eye

Motivating Social Distancing among College Students in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Studying Framing Effects

Online Dating at Rice University

The Effect of Language on Memory Recall, Injury Perception, and Safety Perception

The Effects of Power Posing and Eye Gaze on Risk-Taking and Power

Emotional Affect and Own-Race Bias: A Replication

Research Areas

Information Management in Decision-Making Groups (Information Pooling, Cognitive Centrality and Social Influence, Transactive Memory), Social Identities (Management of Threats to Social Identities, In-Group Competition and In-Group Threats, Intragroup and Intergroup Information Management, Cognitive Centrality and Group Identity)