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Research Areas

Our laboratory is involved in the research of advanced nanomaterials with specific application areas in alternative energy, multifunctional nanocomposites, and electronics/sensor technologies. Our research focuses on the materials science and engineering of several technologies that will impact our society in the future. Energy generation and storage, chemical sensors, nanoelectronics, flexible displays, high performance composites, membrane technologies, coatings, and biomedical technologies are some of the areas we will broadly cover. With several collaborations at Rice and outside we are involved in a multi-disciplinary team effort with the goal of developing functional nanomaterials for a rich variety of applications. We are committed to changing the world through discoveries and development of new materials. Our efforts begin where the imaginative mind meets the experienced. We are excited about what future technology can offer society. We want to be leading players in this endeavor. We want to be the missionaries of science in our lifetime. We want to influence young minds to make science their way of life.