Qilin Li

WEBSITE(S)| https://qilinli.rice.edu/

SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: Wondering how the human society can sustain our development with declining fresh water resources under the influence of global climate change? The Li lab develops renewable energy powered advanced technologies to harvest fresh water as well as other important resources, e.g., critical minerals and nutrients, from unconventional sources. We welcome SURF fellows to participate in several ongoing projects: 1) solarthermal desalination of hypersaline brines; 2) direct lithium extraction from geothermal brines; and 3) a household greywater treatment and reuse system for communities in developing countries.

Potential skills gained: Experimental design, data collection, processing and interpretation, basic laboratory techniques for water quality analysis, operation of lab-scale advanced desalination and water purification systems, technical report writing and presentation.

Required qualifications: general chemistry lab, lab safety training

Direct mentor: Post-doctorate, Graduate Student, Other Research Associate

Research Areas

Advanced technologies for water and wastewater treatment, membrane processes, colloidal processes and interface phenomena in aqueous environments, environmental applications and implications of nanotechnology