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HONS 471

Student Project Titles List

Does Providing Structured Feedback Forms Produce More Accurate Feedback for People with Disabilities?

The Impact of Choice and Nature on Mammography Experiences

The Effect of Active Shooter Training on Employee Stress and Stigma

Identity Management in the Workplace: Strategies for Individuals with De-Legitimized Disabilities

The Look of Punishment: Intersectional Invisibility in Elementary School Discipline

Gender Differences in Verbal References and Referrals

He Said, She Said: Gender Differences in Experiences of Idea Dismissal and Stealing

Research Areas

Research in the Hebl Lab focuses on issues related to identifying, understanding, and remediating discrimination. We blend a social, interpersonal with an organizational perspective to investigate discrimination. Our research is based on the fact that people express discrimination in dramatically different ways (e.g., less overtly and explicitly) from the past (Colella, Hebl, & King, 2017). The studies we have conducted show that discrimination is more subtly extant, but unfortunately even this type of discrimination (which we refer to as interpersonal discrimination) is still perversely influential in the impressions people form and the decisions people make (Hebl, King, Glick, Singletary, & Kazama, 2007; Madera & Hebl, 2011; Madera, Hebl, & Martin, 2010; Martinez, White, Shapiro, & Hebl, 2015). Additionally, there are negative implications of interpersonal discrimination on individuals’ levels of performance (King, Hebl, Matusik, & George, 2008; Singletary, 2009).