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SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: We will have multiple projects going on this summer: One examines the determinants of adult learning and development (e.g., how do adults approach learning differently compared to children). Another examines the factors that influence job engagement for contingent workers. Yet another examines the effectiveness of interventions to increase student success in STEM in university settings. We typically offer choices for student projects. Students should expect to meet with graduate students and the PI (Beier) on a regular basis and to engage in lab meetings and a presentation at the end of the summer.

Potential skills gained: Literature reviews, data coding, some preliminary data analysis (in Jamovi)

Required qualifications: General knowledge of psychology is helpful

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I., Graduate Student

Student Project Titles List

Investigating the Working Conditions of Contingent Faculty at Rice : A Qualitative Exploration

Investigating the Impact of a Summer Bridge Program on STEM Identity Development: A Longitudinal Study

Evaluating the Impact of Goals on Healthcare Leadership Training Outcomes

Research Areas

My research interests focus on predicting success for adults in organizations and educational settings. This includes examining psychological constructs like cognitive abilities, attitudes, personality, motivation, domain-specific knowledge, and individual differences in gender and age. I direct the Adult Skills and Knowledge Lab (ASK Lab) at Rice.