Kevin Crotty

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SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: Empirical Analysis of Residential Property Valuations

Potential skills gained: Python for data analysis; GitHub for version control; Real estate valuation

Required qualifications: Familiarity with statistics and linear regression.

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I.

Research Areas

Kevin Crotty is an Associate Professor of Finance at Rice University’s Jones School of Business. His research studies the relationship between information and valuations in financial markets and how to evaluate performance of intermediaries such as equity analysts, mutual funds, and hedge funds. His scholarly work is published in The Journal of Finance, The Review of Financial Studies, The Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Economics Letters, and The Review of Asset Pricing Studies. In addition to numerous presentations at universities and conferences, Kevin has been invited to present his research at leading asset managers including PanAgora Asset Management, Man Numeric, and Fidelity, as well as the Federal Reserve Board, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Treasury’s Office of Financial Research. He has received the Award for Excellence in Research at Rice Business.