Kenneth Evans

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SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: My research examines the role and history of scientists serving as White House policy advisors. As part of this work, the Science and Technology Policy Program at the Baker Institute is building a digital archive of materials related to the lives and policy contributions of White House scientific advisors. The student would help with the digitization of archival documents and transcription of oral history interviews with former science advisors, as well as develop their own research project studying a science policy topic of their choice (eg., climate change, public health, national security) through the lens of the collection's materials.

Potential skills gained: Students will learn and employ qualitative research methods for policy analysis, archival research practices, and scholarly writing and communication skills.

Required qualifications: none

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I.

Research Areas

Kenneth M. Evans, Ph.D., is a scholar in science and technology policy at the Baker Institute. Since joining the institute in 2015, he has co-authored several major policy reports on the role of scientific advisors to the U.S. president, and has published and lectured on other science-related policy issues, including federal funding for research and development, international scientific collaboration, and nanotechnology policy. From 2012 to 2015, Evans served as an editor for the Journal of Science Policy and Governance, an online student-run publication that features research articles from students and early career scientists and policy scholars.