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BIOE 400

BIOE 401

Student Project Titles List

The Effects of AAV9 Capsid Mutation on Transduction Ability

Residue Importance Processing - In silico Design of Adeno-associated Viruses to Increase Transduction Efficiency.

Incorporation and Characterization of Coiled Coil Tags in Adeno-Associated Virus

Optimization of Caspase-Activatable Adeno Associated Virus Vectors

Using machine learning to identify important residues for transferring tropisms between capsids of different Adeno-associated viral vectors

Research Areas

Current projects in Suh’s Synthetic Virology Laboratory seeks to accomplish the following goals: - Reprogramming viruses as tunable and predictable biomolecular devices - a synthetic biology approach, - Building bionic viruses from natural and synthetic parts, - Immobilization of viruses for spatially controlled gene delivery - using virus' innate properties, and - Quantitative tracking of nanoengineered systems in cells