Juan Jose Castellon

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SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: The project is based on creating a digital means of experimentation for technology students. Professor Castellón’s class includes assignments which require students to physically create form finding models from different materials. The DMC has supported the Architecture assignments by allowing students to create digital versions of these models using a videogame created with Unreal Engine. The game was created using the collab viewer template which is actively used in Architecture firms to collaborate and display architecture visualizations. DMC Supervisor Mario Norton added features into the existing template enable users to quickly create relevant models and explore forms that could be created physically. Several hired student researchers from the Architecture department contributed ideas and feedback and development suggestions.

Potential skills gained: Structural models, Virtual Reality Models, Unreal Engine, web design

Required qualifications: Programming, website design, or scripting skills required, particularly Unreal engine software or parametric tools such as Kangaroo Grasshopper plug-in for Rhinoceros.

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I., Mario Norton (Digital Media Commons), Graduate Student

Student Project Titles List

Mixed Reality Holographic Models for the Interactive and Synergetic Exploration of Space Structures in Architectural Design and Education

Research Areas

Structural and Material Applications, Environmental Design, Parametric Design Tools, and Construction Technologies