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MDHM 403

MDHM 430

HUMA 430

Student Project Titles List

Diverse Utility Perspectives in Clinical Applications of Genomic Sequencing

A Thousand Eyes: The Personal Journals of an American Doctor in Post-War Hiroshima

Right-to-Try: A Fake Solution to a Real Problem

Treating the Symptoms, Not the Cause: An Investigation Into Burnout Policies

Education as a Means to Improve Policy Solutions for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Palliative Care as a Cost-Saving Solution to Medical Spending: A Theoretical Economic Exploration

Oncologists’ Perspectives on Whole-Exome Sequencing and its Utility in Pediatric Cancer: A Typology of Perceived Utility

The Shadows of Death on the Human Mind in the Kaderli Letters

Exploration on Music's Capacity to Heal through Connection and Resilience

The Role of the Familiar Spirit in the Glanvill-Webster Witchcraft Debate

The Independent Publisher as a Tool for Social Reform and Community-Building

Meaning-Making through Optimism and Despair at the End of Life

Telehealth as a scalable method to increase health promoting behaviors using Reversal Theory in cancer survivors

Research Areas

Dr. Mulligan works in the history of abstraction and the digital humanities. His work focuses on the intersections between art and science in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and the question of mediation in digital humanistic work. He has been published in Oxford's Notes and Queries, and has researched and lectured on the history of anatomy in partnership with the Texas Medical Center Library, to build a life-sized electronic anatomy atlas.