Jerzy Szablowski


SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: Development of therapeutics for improved cold adaptation. We designed a new method to develop therapeutics at a fraction of the cost and time. In this DARPA-funded project we will develop drugs that can warm the body up in a cold weather. Students will work on:

1) Drugs for induction of cold adaptation

2) Development of synthetic serum markers for noninvasive monitoring of brain activity.

Potential skills gained: behavioral testing in vivo work, next-generation sequencing, tissue culture, protein engineering, high-throughput screening, bioinformatics analysis

Required qualifications: biochemistry and/or cell biology course, intro biology lab or similar

Direct mentor: Graduate Student

Student Project Titles List

High Resolution Targeting of Brain Regions with Ultrasound-Enhanced Gene Delivery

Acoustic Biomaterials for Prolonged Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Opening

Focused Ultrasound Guided CRISPR Delivery Through the Blood Brain Barrier to Targeted Specific Brain Sites

Honors & Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor 2020

Research Areas

Biomedical Imaging & Instrumentation and Cellular, Molecular and Genome Engineering & Synthetic Biology applied to the areas of Drug Delivery; Translational Diagnostic Technologies; Neuroengineering and Gene & Cell Therapies.