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WEBSITE(S)| https://biosciences.rice.edu/people/james-chappell

Student Project Titles List

Manipulation of DNA Copy Number as a Novel Method of Increasing Dynamic Range of Synthetic Gene Circuits

Characterizing Gene Regulation in Streptomyces

Novel Synthetic Genetic Regulatory Tools in Streptomyces

Optimization of CRISPRa as a Modular System of Gene Activation in Bacteria

Research Areas

The goal of the Chappell lab is to forward our ability to understand and engineer the bacteria domain of life. Central to this is our ability to control how cells express their genetic code. Our lab focuses on understanding how the biomolecule RNA can be designed to create synthetic regulators of gene expression—allowing for the manipulation of natural cellular processes to elicit deeper biological understanding and for the engineering of new synthetic cellular functions. As such our lab focuses both on the creation of new gene regulatory tools and their application.