Hanyu Zhu

WEBSITE(S)| http://zhugroup.rice.edu/

SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: Next-generation electronics and quantum information technology will be supported by atomic-scale materials with strong quantum effects, which need to be probed at ultrafast speed (terahertz) under different operation conditions. In this project, we will prepare such materials and devices, characterize their basic optical and electrical properties, and package them for advanced spectroscopy.

Potential skills gained: You will learn the materials physics and the basics of handling optical and electronic nanomaterials.

Required qualifications: Phys 101+102 or equivalent. MSNE 201 will be a bonus. Can be taken concurrently

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I., Graduate Student

Research Areas

Dr. Zhu and his Emerging Quantum and Ultrafast Activity Laboratory (EQUAL) engineer materials at the atomic level with light. He is interested in the interplay among the lattice structures, electrons and electromagnetic waves to create quantum behavior that typically only exist in extreme conditions with natural compounds. These artificial materials potentially serve in robust information technology and sensitive detectors beyond the classical limit.