Guido Pagano


SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: We have a large range of projects, depending on the interests of the students. One involve setting up a transfer cavity lock, and it will entail working with lasers, electronics and FPGAs. Another project is more software based and it is related to improve and extend the control system for our quantum simulator. Another project is helping assembling a new trapped-ion system and characterize a Paul trap. Many other projects might arise, all including optics, lasers, imaging, vacuum, electronics and programming.

Potential skills gained: Depending on the project the fellow will learn a bunch of optics, lasers, imaging, vacuum, electronics and programming.

Required qualifications: E&M is a plus but is not required. Students from P&A, ECE and CS will fit very well but also a CHEM students interested in hands on work will have fun.

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I., Post-doctorate

Student Project Titles List

Developing a Red Pitaya digital PID controller for trapped ion applications

Research Areas

Both laser-cooled atomic ions and neutral atoms in electromagnetic traps provide pristine quantum systems that can be engineered from the ground up to an unprecedented level of control. Atoms interacting with lasers offer unmatched coherence properties, deterministic entanglement generation and nearly perfect detection of individual quantum systems. In our lab we will use trapped ions and neutral atoms to assemble atom-by-atom quantum systems whose parameters can be tailored microscopically to investigate unexplored quantum many-body phenomena and tackle new ways of processing quantum information.