Fay Yarbrough

SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: The Red Book of Houston enables us to visualize the space occupied by the African American community in the early nineteenth century in Houston. Students may conduct research on individuals in the Red Book and write extended biographies that will then be added to an online exhibit in Quartex. Students may also help update the Red Book ArcGIS StoryMap with new hyperlinks to Quartex.

Potential skills gained: Students will build on their research and writing skills if they choose to work on individual biographies. Students who choose to engage in digital work will enhance their data clean-up skills, as well as gain more familiarity with ArcGIS.

Required qualifications: Students should be confident writers to work on this project.

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I., Fay Yarbrough (history) and Norie Guthrie (Fondren Library)

Student Project Titles List

The Hogrobrooks Family of the Red Book as Civil Rights Activists and Community Leaders: An Extended Biography

Research Areas

Professor Yarbrough’s research interests focus on the native populations of the southeastern United States and Indian Territory during the nineteenth century. She is particularly interested in the interactions between indigenous peoples and people of African descent.