Daniel Preston

WEBSITE(S)| https://pi.rice.edu/

SURF Mentoring

Potential projects/topics: The PI Lab investigates a range of topics at the intersection of energy, materials, and fluids. Students will select from projects including soft robotics, assistive wearable devices, electronics-free computation and intelligence, interfacial phenomena, surface coatings, micro/nanoengineering, and more. Visit pi.rice.edu for additional information.

Potential skills gained: The student will gain hands-on experience conducting research in the lab as well as soft skills like writing and presenting results.

Required qualifications: There are no specific prerequisites.

Direct mentor: Faculty/P.I., Graduate Student. The student will be mentored on day-to-day activities by a graduate student and will meet the faculty advisor individually once per week.

Student Project Titles List

Powering Soft Wearable Devices Using Body Heat

Retrofitting a Low-Cost 3D Printer to Facilitate Fabrication of Textile Based Devices

Optimization of Heat-Sealing Process for Polymeric Sheets & Textiles

Research Areas

Energy, Materials, Fluids & Fluid Mechanics