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WEBSITE(S)| https://med.uth.edu/ophthalmology/research/lab-ribelayga/

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NEUR 310

Student Project Titles List

The SNARE Regulator Complexin 3 is a Target of the Cone Circadian Clock Mechanism in the Mouse Retina

Research Areas

Ophthalmology & Visual Science: visual signal processing, retinal circuitry. Neuroscience: sensory neuroscience, visual neuroscience, circadian biology. Anatomy: retinal circuitry, gap junctions, photoreceptors, confocal microscopy. Physiology: signaling pathways in the retina, light/dark adaptation, electrophysiology, biophysics, electrical coupling, computational modeling, 2-photon imaging. Synaptic plasticity: light/dark adaptive mechanisms and circadian organization of retinal function, plasticity of electrical synapses. Aging processes in the nervous system: aging-dependent decline in retinal functions Mouse genetics: retina-specific and retinal cell-type-specific knockout mouse models.