C. Fred Higgs III headshot

WEBSITE(S)| https://mech.rice.edu/users/higgs

Student Project Titles List

Experiments involving the hydrodynamics of deformable particles

Analyzing the Effect of Surface Roughness on Hydrodynamic Squeeze-Film Dampers

Research Areas

Dr. Higgs conducts particulate flow modeling and experimental research that utilizes the basic principles of tribology, fluid and rheological mechanics. His Particulate Flow & Tribology Laboratory studies three different flows found in sliding contact interfaces: slurry flows, powder flows, and granular flows. These three dynamic flows involve nanometer, micrometer, and millimeter size particles flowing in a fluid medium. In the field known as Tribology- the study of friction, lubrication, and wear- these flows have each been studied for their ability to act as lubricants between mating surfaces, or as “reverse-lubricants”, as is the case with slurries in integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing.