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Mentored presenters may have participated in these courses

HONS 471, EBIO 404

Student Project Titles List

Assessing the Impact of Hyposalinity Stress on the Coral Holobiont

Transgenerational impacts of nitrate enrichment on vertically-transmitted symbiont communities in the stony coral, Pocillopora acuta

Investigating light activated DNA-repair mechanisms in Symbiodiniaceae against UV stress

Diversity and dynamics of symbiont-infecting viruses in the stony coral, Porites lobata

Heat stress alters coral photosymbiont health and viral abundance

Dinoflagellate Endosymbiont (Family Symbiodiniaceae) Community Dynamics During Coral Bleaching

Honors & Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor 2021

Research Areas

The Correa lab applies interdisciplinary approaches to quantify how microorganisms influence hosts and ecosystem-level processes, particularly under environmental stress. Our primary research interests include the diversity and evolutionary histories of marine microorganisms; the context-dependent roles of dinoflagellate symbionts, bacteria and viruses in host health and disease; and the influence of microbes on ecosystem function and persistence.