Discovery Days

Wednesday, September 16th & 23rd


Sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (OURI)

Discovery Days will feature events designed to introduce new students to research, design, and creative work at Rice. Through these events we wish to provide students with an understanding of what it means to do undergraduate research, design, and creative work, to expose them to the variety of work taking place across the schools, and to demystify the process of identifying and securing opportunities.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 16th, RSVP in Owlnest

4:00 - 4:30 pm: Research 101 Workshop

Lead by OURI, students learn about research in various disciplines from a panel of Peer Research Ambassadors. PRAs will share a little about their research or creative project experience and discuss how they identified their interests and started their work. We will also highlight resources available to help students begin searching for opportunities.

4:30 - 5:00 pm: First Panel Session (pick one)

Zoom Breakout Room 1: STEM Research

Recorded STEM Research Panel

  • Bioengineering, Rebekah Drezek
  • Physics & Astronomy, Frank Geurts
  • Chemistry Undergraduate Research, Jeff Hartgerink and Kasey Leigh Yearty
  • Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences Department, Juli Morgan
  • Environmental Science, Carrie Masiello
  • Bioscience, Scott Solomon
  • Neuroscience, Jon Flynn
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Caleb Kemere

Zoom Breakout Room 2: Health and Medical Research

Recorded Health and Medical Panel

  • Neuroscience, Nele Lefeldt
  • Bioscience, Dereth Phillips
  • Medical Humanities, Kirsten Ostherr
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, BCM, Ted Wensel

Zoom Breakout Room 3: Summer and International Research

Recorded Summer and International Research Panel

  • Office of International Students & Scholars, Scott Pett
  • Center for Career Development, Michelle Passo
  • Study Abroad, Dongming De Angelis

5:00 - 5:30 pm: Second Panel Session (pick one)

Zoom Breakout Room 4: Social Science Research

Recorded Social Science Research Panel

  • Community Bridges, Katie Wang
  • Rice Archaeological Field School, Jeffrey Fleisher
  • Seminar and Practicum in Engaged Research, CWGS, Brian Riedel
  • School of Social Sciences Gateway Program, Madelon Hillegeist and Abbey Godley
  • Religion and Public Life Program, Michael McDowell

Zoom Breakout Room 5: Humanities Research

Recorded Humanities Research Panel

  • Fondren Fellows, Lisa Spiro
  • History Research Assistantships, Prof. Paula Sanders
  • School of Humanities, Dr. Fay Yarbrough, Nyeva Agwunobi
  • English Department and Creative Writing, Professor Krista Comer
  • Houston Asian American Archive (HAAA), Dr. Anne Chao
  • Medieval and Early Modern Studies Program, Maya Soifer Irish

Thursday, September 23rd

Virtual event, RSVP in OwlNest

Research 102

Lightning Talks

Curious about how to find undergraduate research opportunities based on your interests? In this interactive session participants will watch a series of brief research talks to learn more about what undergraduate researchers are doing at Rice. Peer Research Ambassadors will then coach participants on how to take the first steps in identifying areas of interest and potential research mentors.