Credit for Research/Creative Work

Research courses, studio courses, and thesis courses provide a framework for learning through these experiences. There are multiple Rice courses through which you can receive course credit for your research or internship. To find the best match, first start in your home department so that you may receive credit toward your major (if possible). All departments offer students credit-bearing opportunities for undergraduate research, internship, and/or creative work. Students who will be receiving financial compensation for their research may still be eligible to enroll in a research or internship courses depending on departmental guidelines. Students requiring course credit one that does not fall within the requirements of a departmental course, should consider one of the other experiential education/internship/practicum courses at Rice, such as UNIV 295 and UNIV 301.

Fall 2019 research, studio, and thesis courses are listed below. Independent study and internship courses may also offer students opportunities to complete research or creative work projects. Many of these are still available in Fall 2020 but may have different formats. To explore options for enrolling and receiving course credit for research or creative work in these courses, students should contact the relevant faculty members.

ANTH 490 Directed Honors Research

ANTH 495 Anthropology Capstone

ARCH 461 Special Projects

ARTS 225 Beginning Drawing

ARTS 301 Beginning Painting

ARTS 311 Beginning Printmaking

ARTS 312 Reflief I

ARTS 323 Drawing Studio

ARTS 325 Life Drawing

ARTS 499 Senior Studio

BIOC 310 Independent Research for BIOC Undergrads

BIOC 401 Undergraduate Honors Research

BIOE 400 Engineering Undergraduate Research

BIOE 401 Undergraduate Research

CAAM 490 Undergraduate Research Projects

CEVE 499 Special Topics

CHBE 499 Undergraduate Research

CHEM 391 Research for Undergraduates

CHEM 491 Research for Undergraduates

CHEM 492 Undergraduates Honors Research

COMP 290 Computer Science Projects

COMP 390 Computer Science Projects

COMP 490 Computer Science Projects

CSCI 390 Supervised Research in Cognitive Sciences

CSCI 481 Honors Project

EBIO 306 EEB Undergraduates Independent Research

EBIO 403 Undergraduate Honors Research

ECON 399 Independent Research

ECON 496 Research in Economic Theory

ECON 498 Honors Program in Economics

EDUC 491 Independent Study and Research

ELEC 490 Undergraduate ELEC Engineering Projects

ELEC 491 Undergraduate ELEC Engineering Research VIP

EMSP 491 EMS Research Course

EMSP 492 EMS Research Course

ENGL 494 A World Without Heroes

ENGL 494 Plath Sexton Cultural Forces

ENGL 495 Senior Thesis

ESCI 401 Seminar: Undergraduate Honors Thesis

ESCI 481 Undergraduate Research in Earth Science

ESCI 491 Special Study for Undergraduates

FILM 327 / ANTH 324 / ARTS 327 Documentary Production

FILM 444 / ARTS 444 Handmade Film

FOTO 210 / HART 209 Beginning Digital Photography

FOTO 310 Intermediate Digital Photo

GLHT 400 GLHT Independent Research

GLHT 401 GLHT Research Reporting

HART 402 Honors Thesis

HEAL 495 Independent Research

HURC 480 HRC Supervised Research

KINE 495 Independent Research

LING 481 Undergraduate Research

LING 482 Honors Project

MDEM 456 / MUSI 436 Collegium Musicum

MECH 490 Mechanical Engineering Research Projects

MSNE 490 Materials Science and Nanoengineering Research Project

MUSI Many studio courses for majors and non-majors

NEUR 310 Independent Research for NEUR Undergrads

NEUR 410 Undergraduate Honors Research

PHIL 411 Senior Thesis

PHYS 461 Independent Research

PHYS 491 Undergraduate Research

POLI 405 Thesis I

PSYC 485 Undergraduate Supervised Research

PSYC 499 Honors Thesis

RELI 403 Senior Thesis

SOCI 327 Supervised Research I

SOCI 327 Qualitative Research Analysis

SOCI 327 Online Experimental Data

SOCI 327 Religion and Public Life

SOCI 493 Directed Honors Research

SOPA 300 SOPA Field Research Experience

SOPA 400 SOPA Capstone Research I

SPPO 495 Honors Thesis

SWGS 498 Research in Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality

THEA 331 Theatre Production

UNIV 301 Undergraduate Research