Inquiry-Based Learning Teaching Grants

Fund information:

up to $1,000 for one semester

Rice University’s Experiential Inquiry and Research Fund awards grants of up to $1000 to faculty and staff seeking support for inclusion of inquiry-based learning in their credit-bearing courses.

Allowable Costs:

The grants can be used to support the following inquiry-based learning expenses in courses:

  • Course development and implementation: materials, supplies, software, undergraduate or graduate TAs, and honoraria
  • Off-campus learning: student travel, meals, and lodging associated with inquiry-based learning off campus; travel and meetings associated with working with off-campus partners

Selection Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance of proposed IBL to achievement of course outcomes
  • Impact of inquiry-based learning on IBL facets of inquiry
  • Contribution of course to development of inquiry-based skills in the curriculum

How to Apply:

Proposals will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. Proposals should include the following documents in PDF format:

  1. A one-page project description outlining the IBL course component and relevance to the course, IBL facets of inquiry, and curricular outcomes
  2. A budget indicating how the requested funds would be expended

Email documents in one PDF to eich@.